Month: March 2016

Hypermobility and Proprioception: What’s with the clumsiness?

I’ve been asked to comment on the concept of hypermobility and proprioception in children (and adults). This is an interesting topic because once again, we have two ends of a

Hypermobility and self-esteem: When kids are not good at sport

I have been asked to comment on this topic of sport in children with hypermobility and low muscle tone, who aren’t so good at sport. And let me tell you,

Part 3: Sport with Hypermobility: Keeping them moving!

What I didn’t really mention in the previous two posts (Part 1 & Part 2) was what to do if your child with hypermobility has to stop playing a particular

Part 2: Sport with hypermobility – But they’re good at it!

Part 2: My child has hypermobility, and they’re good at sport. Can they still play? Following on from Part 1: Sport with Hypermobility (if you missed it you can catch it here)

Part 1: Sport with hypermobility

I often get asked the question: “Can my child still play sport with hypermobility?” It’s never an easy answer.   Negotiating sport with hypermobility is a big topic and its