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Part 1: Sport with hypermobility

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I often get asked the question: “Can my child still play sport with hypermobility?” It’s never an easy answer.   Negotiating sport with hypermobility is a big topic and its related questions are ones which I cannot answer with any specificity due to the nature of the ‘behind a computer/mobile device screen’ thing that you […]


Hypermobility in teens: Diagnosis as a teenager

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Hypermobility in teens. If you’ve got one, you’re probably hoping someone has some advice for you. I don’t have advice, but I may perhaps be able to share some insight, having been a hypermobile teenager myself. There are benefits and downsides of being diagnosed with hypermobility in different life stages. It’s my personal opinion that […]


HELP! “My child has hypermobility!?”

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Help! My child has hypermobility!

I was sitting in a local cafe recently and I overheard two mums chatting about their kids. One of the mums was quite distressed, her pre-school age son had just been diagnosed with hypermobility. It’s not very common to hear two mums talking about hypermobility in children. She was having a “Help! My child has […]


Surviving Term 1 of School

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surviving term 1 of big school

Putting a plan in place to survive term 1 of big school is really important. This is even more important if your child hasn’t been going to pre-school or day care in the years leading up to school. Even if they have been, its a really big jump from 2 or 3 days at pre-school […]