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LOOKOUT: I have decided to revive my blogging habit…

Before I was a hypermobility specific OT I was a general Paediatric OT who did a LOT of fine motor, gross motor and sensory therapy with kids. The one thing I have always been passionate about is getting parents motivated and equipped to provide the best possible opportunities for their kids. I’m a big believer that a wide variety of experiences helps to develop well-rounded kids.


And that’s all we can ask for, right?


Sure, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses; we can’t all be good at everything (truth bomb!), but everyone deserves the opportunity to develop their skills.
My philosophy is that you can’t give your child too many opportunities.
And that goes for hypermobile kids as much as kids with normal connective tissue 😉 if not more.


Actually. More.


There are lots of things that kids with hypermobility can’t do because of their hypermobility…. so that is what this blog is about.


Let’s tip the scales.


Let’s fill up their ‘I can do’ tanks.


This blog is about finding fun, safe, skill-developing activities for kids with hypermobility, who, afterall, are kids first and foremost.


I will warn you, I’m a big fan of MESSY play. Mess = a sensory & skill development goldmine…. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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