I bought one of these strange but simple looking things for my nieces for Christmas a few years ago. It’s called a Bilibo. It provided a lot of entertainment even just on Christmas day. The minute they unwrapped them you could see their imaginations running wild. What is this? What can I do with this?

In the first 5 minutes it got sat on, sat in, put on heads, spun around in, joined together with the other one, worn as a turtle shell…. But what is it for you might ask? All of those things and more. This toy is an imagination magnet… or could be the impetus your child needs to start imaginative play. There are so many things they can do with their Bilibo.

Why is it good for a child with hypermobility?
  1. It’s pretty safe (except maybe if they stand on it and fall off)
  2. It gives them opportunities to use their imagination, just like all children need
  3. it’s light-weight, so no lugging around something too heavy
  4. Sitting inside and spinning around provides some good sensory stimulation (and can be used inside on those dreaded rainy days).
  5. It’s just fun. Plain and SIMPLE.
  6. It might actually be something cool that their friends don’t have or haven’t seen and a great reason to invite friends over the play.
This is one of the many toys that would be fun for children with hypermobility and their siblings & friends who may not be hypermobile.

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