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Hypermobility in teens: Diagnosis as a teenager

Hypermobility in teens. If you’ve got one, you’re probably hoping someone has some advice for you. I don’t have advice, but I may perhaps be able to share some insight,

Help! My child has hypermobility!

HELP! “My child has hypermobility!?”

I was sitting in a local cafe recently and I overheard two mums chatting about their kids. One of the mums was quite distressed, her pre-school age son had just

surviving term 1 of big school

Surviving Term 1 of School

Putting a plan in place to survive term 1 of big school is really important. This is even more important if your child hasn’t been going to pre-school or day

Getting ready for big school

  Got a little one who is about to start big school? Who is more terrified, you or your child? It’s not a competition, I’m sure there is anxiety for

Managing fatigue in little people: Pyjama Day

Managing fatigue with hypermobility can be quite challenging, whether you’re a tiny tot, an adult, or somewhere in between. When I was working with clients with hypermobility I was introduced

Managing fatigue over the Christmas Season (in Australia)

Fatigue has the potential to be a real party pooper. For everyone, not just people with hypermobility. But as i’m sure you’re well aware, people with hypermobility – young kids and