The Ultimate Hypermobility-Friendly Toy List (Part 2)

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….Following on from The Ultimate Hypermobility-Friendly Toy List (Part 1) (This post contains affiliate links because I stand by the educational/developmental value of these products!) Here are the remainder of my top picks for toys which keep the focus on skill building for children with hypermobility. Even if you don’t end up buying a single […]


Scissors & Scissor Skills

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Scissor skills. One of the most common reasons a child gets referred for occupational therapy by their school teacher. The other is obviously handwriting, but we will talk about that in another post.   For the hypermobile hand, using scissors can be a pain… and painful. Finding the right scissors for your child is really […]

Fine Motor Skills

Gelli Baff

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I warned you. I like messy play. This one goes down as one of my best messy play activities to date. Gelli Baff.  Have you ever wanted to have a bath in jelly? Most adults are probably thinking “uh, no thank you”. Now imagine you are a 7 year old boy in the summer time. […]


Zoob. That’s right. Zoob.

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This fantastic creation is fun for everyone. Zoob. Most people haven’t heard of it… but if they have, they rave about it. Think lego, mobilo, duplo… but cooler. Zoob are plastic pieces that snap and click together to form joints or rods in different shapes and forms. You can then build all sorts of things […]