Gelli Baff

I warned you. I like messy play. This one goes down as one of my best messy play activities to date. Gelli Baff. 

Have you ever wanted to have a bath in jelly? Most adults are probably thinking “uh, no thank you”. Now imagine you are a 7 year old boy in the summer time. I’m pretty sure 90% of them would say yes…. and maybe even 50% of the girls. I would have been one of the girls. Actually, lets face it, I would still be one of those girls.

Now, if the idea completely repulses you and you are thinking “oh my goodness Michelle, there is no way I am doing THAT with my child. Ever. Let alone in my bath” there is a more contained option, for those who are game. Get a bucket, or an icecream container… or some other plastic container and use this little magic powder & water combination called Gelli Baff in there. Equally as amazing, there is a magic powder that you add to the gelli to make it turn back to water. M-A-G-I-C.

What do you DO with Gelli Baff?
  1. Play! Enjoy!
  2. Enjoy the slimy, gooey, jelly feelingoriginal-3
  3. Squish it through fingers (or toes if you are wild & letting your child do this in the bath); let it ooze…
  4. Hide things in there and play “hide & seek”… marbles, plastic toys… anything fun.
  5. Let their imaginations run wild
  6. Try to avoid them eating it. It isn’t REALLY jelly, though I believe that it is non-toxic.
Who is it good for?
  1. All kids!
  2. All adults!
  3. Kids who are sensory seekers will love it
  4. Kids who are tactile defensive may HATE it & actually run in the other direction, however it may be good therapy for them under the guidance of their sensory OT. Check with them first!!
What about kids with hypermobility?
  1. This can be just as much fun kids with hypermobility however you probably need some strict rules
    1. if you are using it in the bath:
      1. No standing up in the bath – we don’t want a slip/fall.
      2. Don’t squeeze those fingers too tightly too make it squish & ooze. Gently, gently.
    2. if you are using it in a tub/bucket:
      1. Make sure it doesn’t get on the ground where they can slip on it
      2. Don’t squeeze those fingers too tightly too make it squish & ooze. Gently, gently

Tell us about your experience with Gelli Baff, or even better – post a pic to the My Bendy Body Facebook page

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