Old-school fun

T1659235echnology definitely has its benefits (I really do love technology) however, there is nothing like the old school pen and paper to develop fine motor skills appropriate for school. Pencil and paper learning should not be overlooked in the race to get your child ready for school, despite the influx of technology in classrooms. At this point in history, children still need to write. Whether it be filling in a worksheet or writing a story at school or filling in a form at the doctors surgery, or signing their name for a plethora of reasons. Being able to hold a pencil and control it enough to write is an essential skill.

Colouring is one of my favourite ways to develop pencil control skills as well as endurance and a gamut of necessary visual perceptual skills. For girls (7 and above), or super keen boys, I love this book Secret Garden – An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book. I actually have the book myself and thoroughly enjoy picking up my coloured pencils and colouring while watching TV.

For boys, and the not so keen girls, Oodles of Doodles is probably a better option. Far less intimidating pictures to colour and more chance to express their creativity and imagination while still building their pencil skills.

What are your kids favourite colouring activities? Leave a comment.

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