Mini Micro Scooter (for preschoolers)

Now that Spring is almost upon us and the weather is starting to warm up (here in Australia anyway) it’s time to think about getting the kids outside in the fresh air (and maybe a little bit “out of your hair” or at least “out from under your feet”) and practicing their gross motor skills.
image-2This little one is a gem – The Mini Micro Scooter. I’m sure we’ve all seen kids (and adults) zipping around town on their razor scooters, but how do they learn to scoot (or is it scooter?). Anyway. I don’t think I could learn as a hypermobile, proprioceptionally-impaired adult, however I do believe that little ones with hypermobility can learn and succeed. And, the Mini Micro Scooter Seat attachment looks like a great way for them to begin learning from as young as 12 months of age.
According to Kidstuff “Mini Micro Scooters with 3 wheels are the best kick scooters for young beginners. They are especially designed for child security and development as it helps them to learn to use their body weight and balance while they become expert scooters. The original 3 wheel design combined with the lean and steer action ensures safety and stability for young children. This scooter meets the parents priorities that are safety, durability and development while their kids have fun and you will be proud and surprised to see how fast your preschooler will command the Mini Micro kick scooter.”

As an OT with a focus on hypermobility, I think the beauty of this scooter is that it’s low to the ground and has a wide base of support, which minimises the risk of injuries to those little hypermobile joints if they do happen to fall off. It’s lightweight, so they aren’t trying to make move something that is half their own weight, and the handlebars are removable*.

*removable handlebars are a great feature for the following reasons:

  1. That means you can attach the mini micro seat for little ones who are just beginning
  2. They are easier to pack in the car, take on holidays and store if you aren’t using them for a while (though I doubt that will happen, most kids love their scooter too much to put it away!)

 Why is it good for kids with hypermobility?
  1. It is stable with the 3 wheel design and wide foot plate
  2. it is low to the ground – the lower the footplate, the smaller the fall off
  3. It develops balance, core stability, single leg standing strength
  4. It develops proprioception (sense of where the body is in space, which people with hypermobility often struggle with)
  5. It also develops motor planning and visual perceptual skills because your little person has to do something with their body and be thinking about what is ahead of them as well.
  6. It’s something they can do with friends – they will feel like they are fitting in with their peers!

I’d love to hear if your child has learned to ride a scooter and how you went about teaching them.

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