Managing fatigue in little people: Pyjama Day

Managing fatigue with hypermobility can be quite challenging, whether you’re a tiny tot, an adult, or somewhere in between. When I was working with clients with hypermobility I was introduced to the concept of pyjama days…. Literally, as you would imagine, a day where you don’t get out of your pyjamas. It’s an indoors day, a couch potato day…

Managing fatigue in little people: Pyjama Days

I used to associate not getting dressed with being lazy… but now I have a new understanding about the need for a pyjama day every now and then, especially for kids with hypermobility conditions.


Pyjama days give you & your child permission to take a break, to rest, to relax. It takes away the expectation of going out at all that day, which means that schedules and time pressures can go out the window for the day. Rainy days make perfect pyjama days, but it doesn’t have to be rainy for a pyjama day to be implemented. Many a sunny pyjama day has occurred.


The family that I learnt the idea from had a pyjama day quite frequently. It was almost a monthly occurrence that was pre-scheduled. This idea was to help manage fatigue by factoring in a ‘downtime-day’, a rest day where they knew rest would be had because there was no leaving in the house in your PJs. I know other families who don’t have hypermobility who also have pyjama days – the first Saturday of the school holidays is pyjama day. No plans are made, just chilling at home. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be.

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Activities for a pyjama day can include:
– watching TV/DVDs
– milkshakes or hot chocolate watching TV
– reading books
– doing puzzles
– doing quiet craft
– playing with lego/construction toys
– basically any fine motor activity


It all sounds so hard, right? The hardest part is


The hardest part is giving yourself permission to not get out of your ‘jammies’.


Treat yourself & your child to a pyjama day next school holidays or even next weekend – whenever they are called for. Your little one with hypermobility, and their body will appreciate it.






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