Fine Motor Skills

Bendy Body Blogging

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LOOKOUT: I have decided to revive my blogging habit… Before I was a hypermobility specific OT I was a general Paediatric OT who did a LOT of fine motor, gross motor and sensory therapy with kids. The one thing I have always been passionate about is getting parents motivated and equipped to provide the best […]

Activities of Daily Living

Teachers and Parents Pet Peeve

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What is one thing teachers and parents both hate? Shoe laces.  Teachers hate having to say 20 times per day “Sally, your shoelace is undone”; “Josh, stop and fix your shoelace”. Parents equally loathe shoelaces. How many times can you tie a shoelace before your child leaves the house? How do kids laces always get in a […]


Make drawing & writing more fun

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Got a child who doesn’t really like handwriting? Or a child who doesn’t really take to drawing & colouring? This could be part of your answer. The Crayola Dual Sided Dry Erase Board Set makes drawing, colouring and writing just that little bit more fun. With bright coloured crayon that can be rubbed out, a white board […]


Wikki Stix

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I think Wikki Stix are a paediatric occupational therapist’s best kept secret. We LOVE Wikki Stix, and so will your children. In my experience, most parents who brought a child to therapy had never heard of Wikki Stix before, but once they did, they were onto a good thing. What are Wikki Stix? They are wax covered pieces of string that […]