Wikki Stix

792133306I think Wikki Stix are a paediatric occupational therapist’s best kept secret. We LOVE Wikki Stix, and so will your children. In my experience, most parents who brought a child to therapy had never heard of Wikki Stix before, but once they did, they were onto a good thing.

What are Wikki Stix?
They are wax covered pieces of string that makes them a little bit like a candle wick. You can bend them, roll them, stick them. You can cut them or you can keep them whole and reuse them again and again.

Why are Wikki Stix so brilliant?
Their versatility is but one reason. Their sensory nature is another. I used Wikki Stix with kids who had sensory processing, fine motor, handwriting, spelling or motor planning difficulties. They are great for improving dexterity (fine motor) and you can make them into letters (great for learning letter formations, and for motor planning)… and you can make words out of the letters (great for spelling, planning etc). You can make pictures, decorations, pretend jewellery…. the limit is really your child’s imagination.

Why are they good for hypermobiles?
They are very light and easy to manipulate – not much pressure is required to do fun things with these little babies.

You can buy them here.

Have you used them? Let us know what you think!

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