Zoob. That’s right. Zoob.

originalThis fantastic creation is fun for everyone. Zoob. Most people haven’t heard of it… but if they have, they rave about it. Think lego, mobilo, duplo… but cooler. Zoob are plastic pieces that snap and click together to form joints or rods in different shapes and forms. You can then build all sorts of things from dinosaurs to robots… it is only limited by the imagination.

So why is this so amazing? Well, because it is a bit different…. and can be a bit tricky – and everyone learns from a challenge. Like other products on the market, you can follow designs and instructions, or you can simply let the imagination run wild. Some children find clicking the joints together a little bit hard, especially with hypermobile fingers, but with persistence, it’s great for building strength and dexterity. If it’s too hard, a grown up can always help with the hard parts, and then let the child do the rest.

What skills does Zoob work on?
  • General fine motor skills
  • Dexterity
  • Fine Motor Planning
  • Finger & hand strength
  • Imagination
  • Following visual instructions

These are good skills to develop in every child. A child with hypermobility is likely to need more opportunities to practice their fine motor skills. So get playing!

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